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Students Take Advantage of Opportunities for Balance

While freshmen teachers and students were involved with conferences on Wednesday morning, teachers and students of other grades were engaged in holistic sessions beyond their typical classes. Read More

How Young Children Develop Pride in Self

Have you ever thought about your child’s sense of self-pride? Do you believe your child knows what it means to have pride in themselves? Read More

Kindergarteners Celebrate and Share Their Amazing Writing

On October 15, 2021, all our kindergarten classes gathered in the gym to celebrate their collections of stories written during the first weeks of school. It was a wonderful sight to see and hear, as one hundred kindergarteners sprawled out on the gym floor to read their stories to their friends. Read More

A Kindergarten Celebration in the Park

The kindergarten classes at Concordia celebrated their culmination of their Social Studies unit on “My Family, My Friends, and Me.” Their celebration was held at the park on Lantian Road. Read More

What to do When Your Young Child Makes Mistakes

Mistakes. We all make them. But what do we do when we face mistakes made by our children? Let’s take a moment together to explore this concept. This week’s Tuesday Tip is focused on what to do when our young child makes a mistake. Read More

Number Talks: Developing Flexible Thinking in Math

Concordia Elementary School students are doing "mental math" with the help of Number Talks, which has them thinking and talking their way through some interesting mathematics problems together as a class. Number Talks are a great, low-risk way for students to engage with various mathematical concepts. Read More

How Technology is Shaping Modern Education

For decades, educators and futurists have argued the rate of change will accelerate, and we now know better than ever that living in a state of ambiguity and uncertainty is a skill we must help children face and understand. Read More

Freshman Seminar Prepares Students for High School Success

Making the transition from middle school to high school can be an exciting time, albeit an intimidating process. Students suddenly find themselves with several options as new activities and choices are introduced while academics become more challenging, and expectations are higher. Read More

The Importance of Routines for Young Children

This week’s Tuesday Tip for effective parenting is about routines. Routines help us plan, prepare,organize, and much more. For most of us, we appreciate the consistency of having routines in our daily living.  Read More

Finally Getting Back on the Court

The sound of people cheering can mean many different things. But this noise has a different meaning for student athletes. Read More

Students Explore the Transformative Power of Imagination

At the beginning of each school year, Concordia students are reminded how important it is to use their imagination. If you don’t use it – you lose it! Read More

Ways to Encourage 'Self-Help' and Independence in Your Young Child

Learning to do things independently is a big deal for all children. Being independent and knowing how to do things without the help of a grown up develops confidence in young children. Read More

Visit to DJI Leaves These Concordia Students Awestruck

Over the summer, Shreyas S. & Marcus C., two extremely bright and intrepid middle school students at Concordia Shanghai, made their way to the R&D headquarters of Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) in Shenzhen, China.  Read More

Establishing Routines for the Start of School

As we are gearing up for a new school year, there are strategies that we parents can use to help our children transition seamlessly back into the school routine. Read More

Summer Internships Give High Schoolers a Glimpse of Professional Life

Internships are a valuable feature of Concordia’s high school experience as they introduce students to the working world while helping them build self-confidence and cultivate relationships with professionals who provide insight into a particular field. Read More

Trends in College Acceptances– UK Edition

This year’s class of 2021 received an incredible 53 admission offers from 19 top universities in the UK.  This represents a 378% increase in UK admits compared to Concordia’s class of 2020. Eleven of the 19 universities were also in the “Russell Group”. This group of universities represents many of the top research universities in the UK.  Read More

Congratulations to the Concordia Shanghai Class of 2021!

This past Saturday, our senior class convened in front an audience of teachers, family and friends to take part in one of life’s most anticipated rites of passage.  Read More

Senior Address at Concordia Shanghai Graduation 2021

Graduating senior Amy Lin was elected by her peers to deliver the senior address at this year's Concordia High School graduation ceremony. Here is her speech in its entirety. Read More