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Trends in College Acceptances– UK Edition

This year’s class of 2021 received an incredible 53 admission offers from 19 top universities in the UK.  This represents a 378% increase in UK admits compared to Concordia’s class of 2020. Eleven of the 19 universities were also in the “Russell Group”. This group of universities represents many of the top research universities in the UK.  Read More

Congratulations to the Concordia Shanghai Class of 2021!

This past Saturday, our senior class convened in front an audience of teachers, family and friends to take part in one of life’s most anticipated rites of passage.  Read More

Senior Address at Concordia Shanghai Graduation 2021

Graduating senior Amy Lin was elected by her peers to deliver the senior address at this year's Concordia High School graduation ceremony. Here is her speech in its entirety. Read More

Graduation 2021 Teacher Commencement Address

The commencement address at this year's graduation was delivered by Concordia Shanghai high school teacher Erik Paulson. Mr. Paulson was chosen by the senior class for this honor. Here is his speech in its entirety. Read More

Motivating Your Child: Parenting Do's and Don'ts

At the May PSO meeting earlier this month, we heard from two seniors, Lillian Fu and Anita Feng. Their presentation was around types of motivation and the “do’s” and “don'ts” of motivating your student to succeed. Read More

Trends in College Acceptances– Competitive U.S. Universities Edition

Concordia’s students are well prepared for competitive college admissions as they challenge themselves with the rigorous courses and unique co-curriculars offered within our high school program.  However, this year was a year like no other, and college admissions became more competitive than anyone was expecting.  Read More

AP Students Explore the Art of Drawing and Design

Our AP Art & Design culminates in each student completing an art portfolio which demonstrates their exploration of the concept of 2D design and Drawing. Students engage in purposeful decision making about how the elements and the principles of art and design are intentionally used in their artwork in an integrative way. Read More

Concordia Students Use Storytelling to Evoke Empathy

In Concordia’s Applied Learning Storytelling Agency class, students explored the art of storytelling and its ability to build empathy through advocacy. Additionally, students worked with a variety of storytelling course partners to create stories that fostered compassion and awareness within the Concordia community and beyond Read More

CCA Highlight: ES STEM Activities

Our spring CCA offerings have been quite popular among our students this spring. Today, we would like to highlight some of the STEM-related activities that our ES students have been taking part in so far this semester. And judging from these photos, they have been having a lot of fun exploring different activities related to science, tech, engineering and math! Read More

The 2021 Battle of the Books Ends in Victory

Battle of the Books is an American Schools Reading Challenge which began in the 1930s in Chicago but slowly gained popularity and is now played, not only all over the US but also in international schools, world wide. Read More

Santa Catarina: An Exploration of Spanish Language and Culture

In Guatemala, the birthplace of the Mayan civilization, there stood a little village situated next to Atitlán lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It was the village of Santa Catarina Palopó and it was a collection of cold, grey buildings that faded dully into its surroundings. Read More

Helping Students Become Reflective Spiritual Beings

Reflective Spiritual Beings, also known as RSB, is a subject that is taught and valued at Concordia. In elementary school, RSB is taught as part of the weekly schedule, part of community time, and also woven into other subject areas.  Read More

Concordia Hosts Its First Big Data Conference and Workshop

This spring, Concordia students, led by high school teacher Dr. Peter Tong, participated in their third big data conference of the school year. However, this one was unique in that it was the very first big data conference and workshop organized by students for students. Read More

Road to College: Down to a Science

For this week's Road to College, we meet a student whose scientific interests are as numerous as his college acceptances. It seems, however, he has narrowed his choices to a major and a school that he feels will fit him best.  Read More

Exploring STEM With Zoo Themed Activities

Through our investigation of various zoo animals, the children learned about where different animals may be typically found ...and what conditions / habitats that they may prefer to live in. Read More

Kelso's Choices: Lessons in Problem-Solving

Kelso's Choices is our chosen ES conflict-management curriculum for students that teaches problem-solving strategies; thus, students can ultimately be self-directed and learn how to solve smaller problems independently.   Read More

STEM in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

STEM is an educational approach that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Children learn to explore, observe, ask questions, predict, and integrate their learning through STEM. Read More

An Illustrated Journey Through Honors Pre-Calculus

Last year, Concordia students in Dr. Peter Tong’s high school Honors Pre-Calculus class were tasked to create an infographic summarizing one of the chapters they had been studying.  Read More