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Class of '22 Road to College: Driven by Passion

This week, our Road to College series continues with a student who has been at Concordia since Grade 4. She has gained friendship and happiness from school activities such as cheerleading and dance clubs, and honed her academic interests through specialized high school courses. She is now preparing to head off to her best-fit university, and the cherished memories of Concordia will be a strong support for her future. Read More

Concordia Alumna to Start Surgery Residency at Yale

“Incoming orthopedic surgery resident at Yale,”writes LouiseAtadjaexcitingly, when updating her bio on social media. An alumna of Concordia Shanghai, the recent University of Texas SouthwesternMedical School graduate is preparing tostart her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospitalin June.   Read More

Class of '22 Road to College: Aiming to Shine a Light

The graduation season is upon us, and we are extremely excited for our Class of 2022 graduates who are preparing to set off to universities across the globe on the “Road to College.” Read More

G7 Students Create Documentaries on Worldwide Progress

Students in Ms. Bouwer’s Grade 7 Social Studies have recently used the design cycle to create documentary films to seek answers to inquiries they have had throughout their current Unit of Inquiry: Human Innovation. Read More

University Acceptances for the Concordia Class of 2022

We are proud of our graduating Class of 2022 who have gained admission to an impressive list of colleges and universities across the world, including top-ranked universities and best-fit colleges with specialized programs. Read More

Grade 8 Practices STEM Rube Goldberg Style

Ping-pong balls, massage guns, magnets, ice cubes, and electric fans… these are not items that one would typically find in a bathroom, right? Well, maybe so. Read More

Concordia Students Receive Impressive Results at NEC China

The National Economics Challenge (NEC) is America’s most prestigious economics competition for high school students. More than 12,000 students from all states participate each year. The experience of NEC has also become a stepping stone to college and university. Read More

Nurturing Curiosity, Discovery, and Imagination

As we enter another week of Distance Learning, we enter another week of opportunities with our children. As I wrote about in last week’s Tuesday Tip, there are positive aspects which come along with this unique time of being in lockdown in our communities. Read More

Business Challenge Lets Students Work with Local Entrepreneurs

Let’s say you’re a social enterprisethat provides stylish reusable products in place of single-use disposable ones. What would you do to engage eco-conscious Chinese consumers? Read More

The Importance of Family Literacy

This week’s Tuesday Tip addresses the topic of “Family Literacy” and highlights the great opportunity we all have at this time to explore and develop Family Literacy in our homes right now. Read More

Generous Concordia Parents Send Care Packages to Faculty

Though the city is on “pause” due to the current lockdowns, the spirit of love and caring within the Concordia community has not ceased. We are blessed to have a group of families and faculty who come together in service of one another. Read More

Concordia Community Provide Meals for Support Staff In Lockdown

Though the lockdown in the city has been particularly challenging to navigate, a renewed sense of community has sprung up within the compounds where many of our Concordia community members reside.   Read More

A Tip From the Heart: Inspiring Parents and Wonderful Concordia Families

It’s another unprecedented week, living in a lockdown unlike its kind in the third largest city in the world, the amazing Shanghai, China. Read More

HS Student Volunteers to Help During Compound Lockdown

Despite the challenging time residents of Shanghai have been experiencing during the Zero-Covid lockdowns, we, the Concordia community, continue to work together to support each other. Read More

Kindergarten Students Demonstrate Reading Comprehension in Creative Ways

Concordia International School Shanghai Kindergarten teachers asked their students to use their imagination and practice their reading skills and reading comprehension in a "reading playdate" activity. Read More

Concordia Freshman Publishes Book on Evolution of Drone Technology

We are blessed at Concordia to have such passionate students who seek opportunities to share their knowledge and skills with others. One such student, Shreyas Sharma (Class of 2025), has just published a book on drone technology while he’s been on home-based learning. Read More

AP Class Discusses Russia-Ukraine Conflict in Simulated Press Conference

Mr. Sgourdos’s AP Comparative Government and Politics classes ran their Putin Press Conference Simulations, centering on the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Read More

Tuesday Tip: Let Them Write

Distance Learning can be fun, and it can also be challenging. For some, it may be especially challenging to help your child with their writing assignments during this time. Read More