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Concordia Brings Home the Win at Vex Robotics Competition

On Sunday, March 13th, Concordia hosted the season-ending VEX robotics tournament for the International Schools of Shanghai. The High School gym was converted into a brilliant spectator arena for the event on Saturday, and at 8 a.m. Sunday morning the teams started to show up. Read More

How Concordia Students Ignite Hope for Children in Need

Service and global citizenship are woven into the culture and teachings at Concordia International School Shanghai. Since its establishment 25 years ago, the school has been providing students with opportunities to initiate or be part of service programs in various ways. Among all the educational service projects, the partnership between Concordia and Guangzhou-based NGO Shining Star is a very unique story.   Read More

Applied Learning Class Designs Marketing Plan for Green Steps

Advancing in today’s competitive and continually changing global economy requires 21st Century students to possess business insight. High school students in Concordia’s Applied Learning (AL) Business and Finance course explore the fundamental principles that allow them to navigate the business and financial landscape. Read More

Concordia Students Win Big at American Mathematics Competition

At Concordia Shanghai, we do much more than help our students pass the next test. By focusing on fostering deeper learning in our students, we are enabling them to apply their acquired knowledge to new situations. Read More

Is AI Ready for the AP History Exam?

ChatGPT has been an exciting and scary development as teachers, students, and parents determine how it, and future innovations like it, will impact education. Since it came out, I have enjoyed testing its abilities in terms of the AP History courses. Ultimately, I’ve learned it can be a powerful tool that can be easily leveraged in the classroom without replacing the role of the teacher as a facilitator of learning. Read More

These Concordia Alumni Are Using Storytelling to Make Positive Change

Some of our Concordia alumni have been using storytelling to make changes that ripple into the greater global community. With their latest book “Dear Tariq”, they are helping raise awareness, empathy and compassion around the Syrian refugee crisis. Read More

Student Club Participates in 2023 CCTV Spring Gala Drone Show

The 2023 CCTV Spring Gala featured a live performance which included a drone show flying high above the stage put on by Damoda in collaboration with Concordia's Phoenix Squadron drone club. Read More

Concordia Student Receives Award for XR Tech Contributions

Our students are getting smarter. The way in which younger generations absorb information is drastically different from the generations before them. Therefore, it’s little wonder why today’s students are drawn to the immense possibilities found in extended reality (XR) technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. Read More

Former Concordia Teacher Is Keeping History Alive

Celebrating National History Day China has been a tradition at Concordia Shanghai since 2009, and we have Mr. Mark T. Johnson to thank for this. Mr. Johnson brought NHD to Concordia and was instrumental in leading the expansion of the program in China. As a former teacher at Concordia from 2007 to 2015, his legacy lives on at the school as a celebrated contribution to Concordia’s 25-year history.  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: How a holistic education helped this alumni thrive after her time at Concordia Shanghai

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Alumni Spotlight: How one elective changed the course of this Concordia Shanghai’s students’ life

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Interest in Drones Takes Off in Elementary School

Amidst cheers from their classmates, an exciting drone race is under way. Divided into four teams, elementary students in the new Drone Academy co-curricular activity (CCA) enthusiastically compete at piloting their drones through an obstacle of circular racing gate goals. Read More

It’s not just about grades anymore: How to impress college admissions with a balanced application

You may be hearing a lot about holistic learning and how it results in students who more deeply understand their learning, but is holistic learning really that much better than traditional learning?  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Concordia Alumna Finds Her Calling in Field of Data Science

It’s a dream come true to land a job at a company that aligns with the things you are most passionate about. So you can imagine how exciting it must have been for sports lover Justine Huang to receive an offer from a large sportswear company, where she will be working as a data analyst.  Read More

Alumni Story: The Making of a Good Doctor

Today, we share the story of Concordia alumnus: Han Sea Kim, a medical graduate who is currently completing his military service in South Korea. Having dreamed of being a doctor since childhood, Han Sea has been looking to answer the question: What makes a good doctor?  Read More

Young Entrepreneur Has a Heart For Service

Concordia middle school student Bella S. has turned her love of baking into a philanthropic venture benefiting local migrant students. Read More

How good teachers impact student success

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we believe that deeper learning can be mastered and maintained through effective teaching. When we say effective teaching, we mean the type of teaching designed to play a positive role in providing students with meaningful learning experiences that build on previous learning, and actively guide them in acquiring complex skills, gradually resulting in student self-regulation and autonomy. Read More

STEM Enrichment Activities Made by Girls, for Girls

During the fall co-curricular activities season, middle school girls in Concordia Shanghai’s Raspberry Pi 101 CCA will be exploring computer science concepts through a series of activities led by high school STEM girl Nicole Q. (Class of ’23). Read More