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Concordia Counselors Use Data to Improve the High School Experience

Concordia Shanghai High School’s wellbeing and happiness engineering (WHE) program is a year-long, data-driven program that looks at how students experience their daily lives.  As a school we use this information to help remove roadblocks to student growth, and more effectively connect students to the amazing developmental opportunities available at Concordia. Read More

Breathing techniques to keep kids calm
5 Mindful Breathing Strategies for Small Children

Small children often have big emotions that can change quickly throughout the day. It is so important that the children be able to identify these emotions and have strategies to help them deal with these big feelings. Children are more than capable of managing their behavior and emotions when they are given the right strategies.  Read More

High School at Concordia International School Shanghai
Advanced Placement at Concordia Shanghai Explained

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we offer a liberal arts, North American education for our students of grades 9 to 12.  As students progress through the high school program, they gain greater access to both the Advanced Placement (AP) program as well as our own Applied Learning Program. Read More

concordia shanghai home-based learning
Supporting Families with Home-based Learning

Concordia Shanghai International School teachers and administrators are working together to deliver accessible and quality home-based learning (HBL) to our students. Our approach to HBL is similar to the way in which we approach learning in the classroom in that we want to preserve our culture of learning wrapped in relationships.  We continue to focus on the care of the whole child and the growth of our students as insightful learners,... Read More

Concordia students learn robotics
Boarding School Myths: The Case for International School

Any student that has read or watched the Harry Potter series fantasizes about attending boarding school at some point throughout their pre-teen life.  Read More

Planning for the Future and Making Best-Fit College Choices

You’ve worked diligently in school, engaged in leadership through activities, and now it’s time to consider where you want to apply to university. An equal mix of feeling excited and overwhelmed! With literally thousands of universities to choose from, in dozens of countries, how do you know where to start?  You could simply look up a list online and consider that your college list, but are those schools really the best options for you? Read More

Love is the Opposite of Fear

Given the unprecedented emergence of Covid-19, communities across the globe have been tasked to face the physical, financial, and social ramifications of the pandemic. Although individuals may be finding themselves being ushered back to normal life, it is clear that there still is a greater unspoken consequence of the coronavirus: the lingering uncertainty of what the future might hold. Read More

Home-based Learning: Popular Elementary Video Lessons

Concordia Elementary School teacher Miss Melissa Swartzkopf and her trusty companion, Gus, a plush green and gold dragon are creating popular home-based learning videos for her students. Together they go on learning adventures helping students as they grow in their understanding of language, spelling, and grammar conventions.  Her virtual lessons and informative videos have been highly acclaimed by students, parents and even her fellow... Read More

Helping Young Children Develop Conversational Skills

Well-developed conversational skills are extremely important for adults. They help us to communicate thoughts, opinions and information in the workplace and in our personal lives.  Through conversation with others, we exchange ideas and express feelings and emotions. The same is true for children, and there are many things we as parents can do to help our young ones develop their verbal and conversational skills. Read More

A Case for Education-based Athletics

As the Director of Athletics at Concordia International School Shanghai, I’m often in the position to defend the significant investments that schools put into athletics. After all, couldn’t those time, energy, and financial investments be used more wisely? The answer is to that question is emphatically no! The research, which is abundant, has found that students who participate in education-based athletics receive a whole host of benefits... Read More

Encouraging Adaptability: A Skill Children Need to Succeed

These past few weeks, we as humans, have had to make shifts, changes and adjustments that we may have never had to before.  Adaptability is one of the most important life skills for us to develop. As parents, we often focus on our children's grades, making sure they excel and perform. With our ever changing environment, health needs and emotional dilemmas, we ourselves may struggle to adapt.  Read More

How to reduce stress sign
Helping Your Family Reduce Stress During Trying Times

We are in the midst of some uncertain and trying times, where remaining calm (let alone having energy for all the tasks facing us) is not an easy feat. Spending day in and day out at home with our families while dealing with a million other things can be incredibly stressful.  Since every family member has their own unique way of dealing with stressful situations, it is important to stay connected through open communication. It is also... Read More