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Concordia students enjoy innovative approaches to learning including both problem-centered and student-centered.
How the American and Chinese Curriculums fit into Three Approaches to Learning

When it comes to American vs Chinese curriculums, the approaches to learning are vastly different.  Read More

Benefits of Music and Movement for Child Brain Development

According to the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, 85 percent of brain development occurs by the time a child reaches 3 years. As children grow, they need to learn specific activities that are important for development. For example, very young children begin to scoot and crawl for movement and while these activities are part of eventually learning to walk, they are also essential for brain development. Additionally, patterned... Read More

Collaboration, significant student engagement, and joy are prevalent in an American classroom.
American Classroom Culture: What to Expect with an American Education

While most Chinese parents are familiar with the standards found in a traditional Chinese school, the culture found in an American classroom can seem wildly different. Understanding this difference is key when it comes to deciding which international school is most beneficial for your children.  Read More

A key difference between Chinese and American schools is how teachers engage with students.
How are Chinese Schools Different From American Schools?

Living in Shanghai, you may be familiar with the Chinese educational style. A Chinese school is vastly different from what a parent might see in American schools, and while both offer advantages and disadvantages, the latter is designed to benefit students looking to study post-secondary in the U.S. Read More

A key similarity between Chinese and American schools are the friendships created in school.
What are the Similarities Between Chinese and American Education?

On the surface, it can appear as though Chinese and American education systems are as different as can be; where one focuses on rigidity and strictness, the other focuses on creativity and holistic pedagogy.  Read More

Advice for New Families Transitioning to Concordia

At Concordia, we offer a plethora of opportunities to engage in the community and a variety of resources to support and facilitate your transition. These include parent coffees, events and talks held by our Parent Support Organization, Tuesday Tips offered by the EC office, welcome lunches for our new Kindergarten students, and regular counselor visits to the various classes. Our EC counselor partners closely with the class teacher to support... Read More

New Concordia students excited to start the new school year
How Culture Shock Can Affect Your Transition to a New School Community

When entering a new environment, be it a new country, a new neighborhood, or a new school, we may find it to be an overwhelming and uncertain transition period. Understanding the feelings and emotional consequences that may arise can help strengthen your ability to respond intentionally to your own needs and your child’s needs and interests as you enter and engage in a new school community. Read More

Intentional spaces to inspire learning
Upgrades to Concordia Library Inspires Student Learning

With all the benefits reading provides to children—helping develop intellect and communication skills, augmenting academic performance, and stirring imagination—it’s no wonder parents and educators alike look to encourage a love of reading in their children.   Read More

Getting There Is Half the Fun: Encouraging Process-Focused Learning

Enjoy the journey. This is a phrase that I like to tell my students, meaning the learning process is just as enjoyable as the learning outcome. One of the most effective learning habits that yields academic results is focusing on the process instead of the product. Instead of just focusing on completing the paper, the project, or the exam, we encourage students to enjoy learning for learning’s sake. We work on developing students who are... Read More

New School Year, New Normal: Concordia Campus Life Amid Covid-19

The start of a new school year brings with it a range of feelings. Whether it is a parent dropping off their child for the first day of preschool, a former middle schooler entering high school as a freshmen, or a teacher eager to engage a new class of students in the learning process, emotions run the gamut from anxiety to excitement. This year, school communities are faced with many changes and new challenges brought about by a global... Read More

Student Charity Proves Youths Have Power to Make a Difference

There is a long-standing tradition of student, faculty and parent-led service and charity projects at Concordia International School Shanghai. In fact, service is a fundamental part of our school’s ethos, compelling us to support many types and levels of service both across the school and in our community. Read More

IB vs AP, discover which is better for college admissions
IB vs AP: Which Curriculum is Better for College Admissions?

Choosing between taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses can be a difficult decision for many families. For the amount of time and effort your children will be required to invest in them, you want to make sure they achieve the end result they desire by gaining admission to their best-fit university. Read More