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Concordia Alum Continues on Tech Path at UC Berkeley

What’s it like to pursue your dream career at your best-fit university? For Cyrus Hung, an eager and passionate student with an interest in coding and technology, matriculating at UC Berkeley was a chance to truly realize his long-held career aspirations. Read More

How Concordia measures student academic success

At Concordia International School Shanghai, our focus is on promoting deeper learning, marked by a process where students develop the ability to transfer what they have learned to new situations. We focus our efforts on the holistic development of each student to set them up for success in college and in their future. Read More

Preparing Middle Schoolers for the Changing World of the 21st Century

Early adolescence can be an awkward and challenging time for students. Their bodies are changing, their emotions are changing, and perhaps more importantly, their relationships with parents, peers, and school are changing. Read More

How Concordia teachers approach math teaching

At Concordia Shanghai, our educational philosophy is founded on relationships, because we believe relationships foster positive social interactions and establish a nurturing environment of trust and support in schools. Students who feel connected to their school are more likely to succeed – through positive relationships,  mutual respect and good communication, math teachers can gauge their student's current learning levels and provide the best... Read More

What are the expected learning outcomes from Concordia’s math program?

At Concordia International School Shanghai, we do much more than help our students pass the next test. By focusing on fostering deeper learning in our students, this enables them to apply their acquired knowledge to new situations. This is especially relevant when it comes to math learning. Read More

Concordia Drone Internship: A Summer of Development

People in the vibrant city of Shanghai have felt the heat waves this summer, but for Concordia students, the “heat” is passion.  Read More

Fostering Student Success Through Preparation and Self-Help Skills

We have now completed our first full week of school, and we hope all of our children are happily settled into their school routine and into their class. Read More

5 ways to help your child's math learning

Mathematics is a complex subject, and though most parents recognize the value of their children learning math, some parents struggle to support their children in learning a subject they are unfamiliar with themselves.  Read More

Additional resources for math learning and math support

Every parent wants their child to feel confident with their math learning. While most adults may see the value of math in our everyday lives, some may also overlook the struggles and anxiety that come with learning it for the first time. Read More

How Concordia Supports New and Transitioning Students and Families

As a school with a diverse and vibrant community, Concordia Shanghai has gained a unique perspective of the complexities and challenges young people and their families are faced with when joining a new school and undergoing transitions across grade levels, having to get used to different teachers, make new friends, and follow a different schedule. Read More

The Concordia Uniform: Promoting School Pride and Belonging

As an international school that emphasizes a safe and caring environment, we believe a school uniform is an important way to create a sense of safety and belonging in the school community. Read More

Concordia Shanghai Is Ready for the New School Year!

What an exciting countdown to the start of school! We are so very pleased to share with you the many exciting changes that have taken place on campus over the past few months in anticipation of the return of our students.  New Faculty    We are blessed to have a new team of high-caliber teachers joining us for the new school year, despite travel and quarantine. Nearly half of them were hired from countries outside of China, with previous... Read More

Back to school at Concordia Shanghai
How Parents Can Help Their Children Transition Back into the Classroom

Throughout the vibrant city of Shanghai, teachers, parents, and students are all preparing for the much-anticipated reopening of schools. During the summer, students are reengaging with their friends, neighbors, and people in their communities. Read More

From Harvard to McKinsey: How One Concordia Alumni Is Making a Positive Impact on the World

A student body leader, TEDx presenter, editor-in-chief of the school magazine, Karis Tai (Class of ’16) was an active student in high school. At 18, she got an offer from Harvard University. Four years later, she was recruited by McKinsey & Company straight out of undergrad. Read More

Alumna Pursues Public Health Degree at Columbia University

When Sophie Ideker graduated from Concordia Shanghai in 2017, she was not yet aware of how much her time in AL Epidemiology, an elective course she took in high school, would influence her future career path. Read More

Creative Writing Class Inspires Young Readers and Writers

 High school students from Ms. Tania Stead's Creative Writing class wrote and illustrated children's stories this semester to share with Concordia's younger students.  Read More

Class of '22 Road to College: Julia Fang Off to Johns Hopkins University

Today we hear from a student who has found her passion in the written word, which she believes is at the heart of the human experience. In the future, she plans to utilize language to serve as a bridge between cultures and ideas.   Read More

Class of '22 Road to College: Sara Pratt Off to Bryn Mawr College

Today's story comes from a student who's been at Concordia since Grade 1. She is an enthusiastic member of theswimming team and a deep thinker, who believes that success in high school should be about more than one's GPA.  Read More