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Celebrating the Success of Concordia's Speech & Debate Program

The Speech & Debate program at Concordia is a journey of personal and professional development. The program enhances our students’ writing, speaking, critical thinking, and analytical skills, and is an ideal platform for them to discover and harness their full leadership potential. Read More

Another WSC Victory: Concordia Students Excel at Yale Event

Our students, having achieved awards at the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Rounds in London and Xiamen this year, continued their pursuit of challenges. Their next destination? The prestigious The Tournament of Champions at Yale University. Read More

Fostering Writing Skills in Early Childhood at Concordia

Cultivating literacy during early childhood significantly influences a child’s future learning. At Concordia, our early childhood program focuses on developing these vital literacy skills. Read More

Student Triumphs at Global Forum with Innovative Music-Cubing Fusion

At fifteen, Concordia student Maxwell W. (Class of ’26) is already an accomplished individual. He’s a pianist and violinist in the NSO Orchestra and the NSO Elite Orchestra, a standout member of the Ying’s Cube team (led by Chinese Rubik’s Cube champion Yinghao Wang), as well as a volunteer coaching assistant for our Elementary School Rubik’s Cube ECA. These credentials have made him a pretty exceptional teenager on our campus. Read More

Concordia Students Expanding Horizons Through Reading Hope

What draws individuals from all across the globe into a united community? It is the spirit of service. At Concordia, the concept of "service" has been deeply embedded in our school’s ethos from the very beginning. As global citizens, we’ve been committed to finding new ways to serve—not just locally but worldwide. Read More

Phoenix Squadron Debuts Campus Drone Delivery

Students in our high school drone club continue to innovate on the applications of drone technology to create and promote solutions to real-life issues. Last week on campus, the Phoenix Squadron team tested their Drone Delivery System (DDS). Read More

Concordia Students Triumph in Art & Writing Competition

Breaking News: our talented students at Concordia Shanghai have proven their creativity and brilliance by clinching top prizes in the 2022-2023 Shanghai Family Art & Writing Competition. The theme, “Future City,” sparked the imagination of our young generation, leading them to craft remarkable pieces of art and writing that envision a promising tomorrow. Read More

Alumni Spotlight: From UCLA to Penglai's Flourishing Vineyards

Originally from Hong Kong, China, Arthur Yeung grew up in Shanghai. He joined Concordia in high school and later attended university at UCLA. While engineering was his initial field of choice, he found himself veering onto a different path. After earning his degree, Arthur explored various career opportunities, eventually finding his calling in Qiushan Valley, Penglai — a significant wine-producing region in China’s eastern Shandong province. Read More

Concordia Students Shine at Model United Nations Simulation in Shanghai

Concordia's Model United Nations (MUN) is a vibrant extracurricular activity where students take on the roles of ambassadors from UN member states. Through thorough research, persuasive speeches, dynamic debates, and teamwork, the MUN experience cultivates a deep sense of global citizenship in our students. Read More

Executive Director of ACAMIS Visits Concordia's Aerial Robotics Club

Concordia International School Shanghai's Phoenix Squadron, a student-led aerial robotics club, had a chance to present to the Executive Director of ACAMIS - Mr. Tom Ulmet. Read More

Students Take Charge as Principals for a Day

One of the thrilling prizes from our 2022-23 Gala Auction was the opportunity for students to step into the role of a school principal for a day! This unique experience allows students from the winning families to assume leadership within their respective school divisions. It’s not just about having fun; it's a valuable chance to foster leadership, collaboration, and gain a fresh perspective within our school community. Read More

BBDO Asia COO Inspires Students in Marketing Challenge Kick-off!

This week, students in our High School Applied Learning Business & Finance class had the incredible opportunity of meeting with COO of BBDO Asia, Mr. Hans Lopez-Vito, who joined the class to kick off this year’s Marketing Challenge. Read More

Concordia Alumnus Earns NSF Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon

We are delighted to announce that Concordia alumnus, Nicholas Ho (Class of '19), has been honored with the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship for his PhD in Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University! Read More

Elevating Excellence: Concordia's Stellar 2023 AP Achievements

Concordia is pleased to announce this year's exceptional AP results. Our students’ scores reflect a pattern of excellence that has become a tradition at Concordia. Read More

Explore & Discover: Concordia Shanghai Open Day - October 28, 2023

We warmly invite you to experience Concordia International School Shanghai's unique learning environment and vibrant community life firsthand at our special Open Day event on Saturday, October 28, 2023. Read More

From Minneapolis to Shanghai: One Teacher’s Guide to Teaching in Shanghai

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How Concordia's Music Program Shapes Well-Rounded Individuals

Did you know that Concordia boasts an extensive music program, complete with seven string orchestras, eight choirs, eight bands, and a total of eight dedicated music teachers—seven full-time and 1 part-time? This robust program aligns perfectly with the school's commitment to holistic education, starting in early childhood. Read More

From Application to Integration: A Guide on Transition Support for New Teachers at Concordia Shanghai

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