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A Tip From the Heart: Inspiring Parents and Wonderful Concordia Families

It’s another unprecedented week, living in a lockdown unlike its kind in the third largest city in the world, the amazing Shanghai, China. Read More

HS Student Volunteers to Help During Compound Lockdown

Despite the challenging time residents of Shanghai have been experiencing during the Zero-Covid lockdowns, we, the Concordia community, continue to work together to support each other. Read More

Kindergarten Students Demonstrate Reading Comprehension in Creative Ways

Concordia International School Shanghai Kindergarten teachers asked their students to use their imagination and practice their reading skills and reading comprehension in a "reading playdate" activity. Read More

Concordia Freshman Publishes Book on Evolution of Drone Technology

We are blessed at Concordia to have such passionate students who seek opportunities to share their knowledge and skills with others. One such student, Shreyas Sharma (Class of 2025), has just published a book on drone technology while he’s been on home-based learning. Read More

AP Class Discusses Russia-Ukraine Conflict in Simulated Press Conference

Mr. Sgourdos’s AP Comparative Government and Politics classes ran their Putin Press Conference Simulations, centering on the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Read More

Tuesday Tip: Let Them Write

Distance Learning can be fun, and it can also be challenging. For some, it may be especially challenging to help your child with their writing assignments during this time. Read More

Distance Learning Going Strong at Concordia

It has been over two weeks since schools in Shanghai transitioned to distance learning, and though the school day may have changed somewhat, a lot of things are still the same at Concordia! Read More

Powerful Poverty Simulation Teaches Students about Empathy

Our Grade 7 Social Studies students took part in an inspiring and relevant activity in which they were immersed in a hands-on simulation that had them considering poverty on a broad scale and learning how much they actually understand about the allocation of resources in our world. Read More

Distance Learning: Getting Off on the Right Foot at Home

Now that we are engaged in Distance Learning due to Covid prevention protocols, it’s time to share a few tips on how to experience a stress-free startup at home with Distance Learning. This week’s Tuesday Tip focuses on the beginning basics for Distance Learning from home. Read More

Concordia Student Wins Prestigious Chinese Writing Prize

For Grade 11 student Emily Liu, writing is a labor of love. Trying new things and challenging herself as a writer is something of a passion for this creative world-builder.   Read More

Singing: A Powerful Tool for Learning

Singing songs with children in the Early Childhood classrooms is more than just fun! It’s a powerful teaching tool. Read More

Tuesday Tip: Fine Motor Skills are Important Now and Beyond

This week’s Tuesday Tip is about the importance of young children developing fine motor skills. In this week’s article, I will point out why it is important that young children develop the essential hand and finger muscles.   Read More

Why Concordia Invests Heavily in Co-Curricular Activities

Having access to a stellar co-curricular program should be an essential component of your childrens’ education. Not only do co-curriculars provide many short term benefits such as improved self confidence, perseverance, etc, they often have lasting effects that your children will experience throughout their lives. Read More

Grade 8 Students Learn the Meaning of Hardship

The time of material deprivation has become a bygone history for today’s young people. For most teenagers, life during the Great Depression in the United States from 1929 to 1939 was even more unimaginable.  Read More

Concordia Alumna Inducted into Dartmouth's Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to Concordia alumna Dakota Chen Ma, who has been inducted into Dartmouth's Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, America’s most prestigious academic honor society.    Read More

Tuesday Tip: How to Help Your Child Cope with Anger

Experiencing emotions is a healthy and normal part of everyone’s life. Many emotions are enjoyable to witness and share with each other, such as, but not limited to joy, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, and love. Read More

How Co-curricular Activities Contribute to Student Achievement and Well-being

Read More

Service Leadership Opportunities at Concordia

Service leadership is an excellent opportunity for your child to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in a way that not only makes the subject applicable in the real world, but also does it in a way that promotes meaningful change.  Read More