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Creative Fusion: Concordia Students Learn from Artist Bi Rongrong

It’s not every day that our students get the chance to collaborate with an award-winning artist. However, thats exactly what happened this week when the celebrated Shanghai artist Bi Rongrong visited Concordia, bringing a fresh wave of creative energy to our high school visual arts program.Her visit kicked off with an engaging evening session, where Bi Rongrong opened up about her artistic journey to both our school community and visiting art... Read More

Exciting College Adventures from the Class of 2023

As we settle into the new year, we are elated to hear updates from our Class of ’23 alumni. Most have completed their first semester in their chosen colleges and universities. In this installment of ‘Graduate Voices from College,’ some of them recount their enriching experiences, which we hope will provide insight and inspiration to our current Concordia students. Read More

Inspiring Aerospace Innovation at Concordia Through Student Passion

Nurturing a childhood dream of soaring through the skies, Adam S., a G11 student at Concordia, is turning his aviation aspiration into a tangible passion. Despite his young age, Adam is already leaving a mark on the field of aerospace. Read More

Concordia Students Excel in Shanghai Micro Video Contest

Students from Concordia participated in the Shanghai International School Students Micro Video Competition this year, achieving impressive success with seven awards. Under the theme "Beauty of Shanghai in My Eyes," they expressed their unique perspectives on the city's culture and charm. Their videos, enriched by fluent Mandarin, resonated emotionally with viewers, reflecting the students' dedication and skill. Read More

Concordia Class of 2024 Early Acceptance Results

During the college application season, positive news continues to pour in for Concordia’s high school graduating Class of 2024. Those seniors who have already submitted their applications have been met with a flurry of acceptance offers from prestigious universities and liberal arts colleges worldwide, spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong (China) so far.As of December 22, our students have achieved remarkable... Read More

Concordia Admissions Open Days in March 2024

Experience the Concordia difference firsthand! We are excited to welcome prospective students and their parents to our Open Days in March 2024. Read More

Insights from Concordia's High School Career Day

“Every career has advantages and challenges, even the ones I’m most interested in. But these experiences are what help us grow as a person,” remarks Jeremy W. (Grade 10), reflecting on last month’s High School Career Day. Read More

Concordia's Winston W is Winning at Badminton and Beyond

At Concordia, we are committed to fostering personal growth in our students, allowing them to flourish organically. This approach has led to our students excelling in various fields, from athletic competitions to performing arts. Read More

Grade 1 Student Embarks on Leadership Journey as Head of School for a Day

On December 6, our school was under new management, as Grade 1 student Olivia D. took the reins as Head of School for the Day. Her journey began at the ES assembly, where Mr. Steve Winkelman presented her with her honorary head of school badge and lanyard. Read More

Graduates from Concordia Class of '23 Share First-year College Experiences

Another college application season is in full swing, and our seniors have busy putting the final touches on their applications or eagerly awaiting early acceptances. This got us thinking about our Class of ’23 graduates, who are now in the midst of their first college year. Read More

Harvard Student's Visit Inspires Concordia Singers

When we say 'Music is for life,' we're emphasizing that its impact goes beyond just music lessons; it resonates throughout our entire lives. This belief is a core part of Concordia's holistic educational philosophy, recognizing music education as not just a subject, but a vital element in overall personal development. Read More

Meet Pamela Rampley: A Champion of Inquiry-Based Learning at Concordia

Today we’ll learn about Ms. Pamela Rampley, who strives to be a champion for students in her daily teaching practice. Holding a Master’s of Integrated Science Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Pamela has been teaching since 2005. She’s taught almost every scientific discipline, including courses on climate change and the science of music. Read More

Celebrating the Success of Concordia's Speech & Debate Program

The Speech & Debate program at Concordia is a journey of personal and professional development. The program enhances our students’ writing, speaking, critical thinking, and analytical skills, and is an ideal platform for them to discover and harness their full leadership potential. Read More

Another WSC Victory: Concordia Students Excel at Yale Event

Our students, having achieved awards at the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Rounds in London and Xiamen this year, continued their pursuit of challenges. Their next destination? The prestigious The Tournament of Champions at Yale University. Read More

Fostering Writing Skills in Early Childhood at Concordia

Cultivating literacy during early childhood significantly influences a child’s future learning. At Concordia, our early childhood program focuses on developing these vital literacy skills. Read More

Student Triumphs at Global Forum with Innovative Music-Cubing Fusion

At fifteen, Concordia student Maxwell W. (Class of ’26) is already an accomplished individual. He’s a pianist and violinist in the NSO Orchestra and the NSO Elite Orchestra, a standout member of the Ying’s Cube team (led by Chinese Rubik’s Cube champion Yinghao Wang), as well as a volunteer coaching assistant for our Elementary School Rubik’s Cube ECA. These credentials have made him a pretty exceptional teenager on our campus. Read More

Concordia Students Expanding Horizons Through Reading Hope

What draws individuals from all across the globe into a united community? It is the spirit of service. At Concordia, the concept of "service" has been deeply embedded in our school’s ethos from the very beginning. As global citizens, we’ve been committed to finding new ways to serve—not just locally but worldwide. Read More

Phoenix Squadron Debuts Campus Drone Delivery

Students in our high school drone club continue to innovate on the applications of drone technology to create and promote solutions to real-life issues. Last week on campus, the Phoenix Squadron team tested their Drone Delivery System (DDS). Read More