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A Concordia alumna was inducted into America's most prestigious academic honor society.

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A how-to guide on being a parent at Concordia: How parents can support their child’s holistic learning

International schools like Concordia Shanghai have an approach to education that focuses on more than students' academic development, but also on a student’s overall development, the development of the whole child. Unlike the old formula where student success was measured almost entirely through academic performance, holistic education allows students to attain a more global vision of success, enabling them to communicate their needs... Read More

3 Reasons to choose a values-based education

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4 Life Skills Learned Through Theatre Education

You might wonder why theatre education is a mainstay at top international schools around the world. Well, theatre addresses the life-long learning skills and competences which benefit students' education and development in countless areas. Read More

Redefining student success: Why the old formula for success doesn’t work anymore

At Concordia International School Shanghai , learning is at the heart of everything we do. In our never ending pursuit of academic excellence, we’ve developed a new, 21st-century student success formula to enable our students to tackle different types of challenges now and in the future.  Read More

Middle School Students Tell Stories Through Food

Whether you love it, hate it, or have no clue how to do it, cooking is a necessity of life! Students in the middle school applied learning class, Storytelling Through Food, recently had the opportunity to show off their cooking skills to several teachers and staff members. Read More

Secrets to helping your child thrive in an international school

Enrolling your child at an international school like Concordia Shanghai does much to prepare them for success in life. International schools are recognized for offering globally recognized curricula, a multicultural learning environment, innovative teaching methods, and more. Read More

4 Roles EC Parents Play in Effective Home-School Partnerships

Research has shown over and over again the importance of family engagement on children’s school readiness and academic success. In fact, this topic is so important that Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education funded a 23-year research project dedicated to studying family engagement in education and its impact on student success. Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Only 6.5% of orthopedic surgeons in the US are women, and this Concordia alumna is now one of them

Through a thorough academic program, a whole child philosophy, and a welcoming environment for both families and students, Concordia International School helps the members of our school find success in life.  Read More

Appreciating Traditional Chinese Culture Through Painting and Poetry

Three art pieces crafted by Concordia students have been selected for the final exhibition of Pudong’s district-wide “Poetic and Picturesque” artworks competition. Our talented painters, under the instruction of the Mandarin department faculty, demonstrated their appreciation of ancient Chinese poetry as well as their refined skills in ink wash painting.     Read More

Elementary Service Club Practices Gratitude and Leadership Skills

Our Kids4Kids and Community CCA service group has been very busy this semester trying to make a difference in our community.  Read More

How Art Education Cultivates Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

When the goal of art education is to enhance holistic education with meaningful content while considering the whole child as they develop over time, then there will be life-long learning and endless successes. Read More

Concordia Alumna Publishes Debut Book, Telling Stories Through Art

Atoy designer by dayand author-illustrator by night,Pearl AuYeung is a promisingartist with a well-refined individual stylewhoaims to use illustration as a means to communicate meaningful narratives in an approachable way. For her, the biggest excitement over the recent months is her debut book“The Best Kind of Mooncake” to come out on shelves!  Read More

Student Versus Staff Games Bring Competitions Back to Campus

Excitement and exhilaration pervaded the Concordia campus last week as we celebrated our first Phoenix Friday of the new school year! Students faced off against teachers in a competitive match of volleyball in the PC gym. Read More

Middle School Club Ignites Students' Interest in Math

What is it that makes a student good at math? Is it the ability to quickly calculate large sums? Or the possession of some powerful sense of logic? For students in Concordia’s Middle School Math Club, the key is fostering an active interest in the subject. Read More

Workshops Set Seniors on Path to Best-Fit Universities

One of our high school counseling team's current roles is providing senior workshops, which take place during the first semester of grade 12, to provide college application guidance for all seniors with personalized support.    Read More

Concordia Alum Continues on Tech Path at UC Berkeley

What’s it like to pursue your dream career at your best-fit university? For Cyrus Hung, an eager and passionate student with an interest in coding and technology, matriculating at UC Berkeley was a chance to truly realize his long-held career aspirations. Read More

How Concordia measures student academic success

At Concordia International School Shanghai, our focus is on promoting deeper learning, marked by a process where students develop the ability to transfer what they have learned to new situations. We focus our efforts on the holistic development of each student to set them up for success in college and in their future. Read More