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One Good Zine Project Deserves Another

Following the success of the ECxHS Zine Project (a collaborative art project between early childhood and high school students), the news of EC art specialist, Stephanie Barenz-Wiegman's, zines spread to the middle school, where Weigman was asked to inform grade seven students how to create their own zines for an upcoming social justice project. Below, she recounts her involvement in this new zine project. Zines have a rich history in social... Read More

Concordia Students Win at International Writing Competition

Concordia International School Shanghai has been granted the Excellent Organization Award in the 10th Annual Pudong New Area International Student Writing Competition Award Ceremony. Read More

Creativity and Cross-Divisional Collaboration Through the Art of Zine Making

The "big kids” are often a mystery to a school's youngest learners. Since they spend their time in a different area of the campus and come and go with such independence, younger students usually only encounter them in passing and typically with a sense of awe and apprehension. Read More

Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Summer with Your Kids

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. - Barbara Johnson Read More

Concordia Students Solve Real-World Problems Using Design Thinking

Recently, students in Concordia’s Social Entrepreneurship class participated in a lively discussion about cleaning products. During their conversation, students would periodically scribble ideas on Post-it notes and place them on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom. Before long the board was covered with bright yellow and pink post-its. To the casual observer, teenagers discussing home care products might seem unusual, but for this... Read More

Students Gain New Perspective of Classroom Life as Teachers of the Day

Last Friday, the elementary school welcomed in some new teachers, assistant principal, and principal for the day. These teachers were professional, well prepared and took their responsibilities very seriously. It was a day filled with new experiences, some challenges and plenty of learning. Read More

How to Address the Two Key Elements of Self Esteem in Young Kids

In this article, Concordia Shanghai early childhood teacher and parent educator Anne Gribble shares effective ways to help your child build healthy social skills and a positive sense of self. Every human needs food, water, and shelter to survive physically. Likewise, every human has two basic emotional needs that must be met as well: the need to be an individual, and the need to be social. When these two emotional needs are well met, a person... Read More

Grade One Students Apply Science of Sound to Create Visual Art

Back in the 2018 fall semester, grade one students at Concordia embarked on a scientific study of sound, which had them exploring these essential questions: What makes sound? How does it travel? And how is it used to communicate over a distance? Read More

Pre-K Safety Team Explore the Power of a Problem

The Cicadas have focused on being respectful, responsible, and safe all year. So, when the Pre-K teachers discussed concerns regarding children’s safety on the playground, all agreed that the children were essential members of the discussion. Read More

Developing a Fondness for Fitness During and After School

The goal of physical education at Concordia is to encourage a student’s enthusiasm for physical activity and channel it toward improving motor skills, building sportsmanship and having fun. With nine health and physical education specialists across four school divisions at the school, students are exposed daily to the benefits that physical activity has on both their physical and emotional health. Read More

Fine Arts Education Instrumental in Developing Both IQ and EQ

For years, schools have been aware of the instrumental effects the arts have on a student’s overall academic performance, from improved motor skills and language ability, to higher scores on standardized tests. Comprehensive research from organizations such as the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies has shown that music education enriches both math and language learning; that participation in theatre improves reading and oral language... Read More

Students Explore Critical Thinking and Creative Movement Through Parkour

At Concordia, we aim to provide the best education for our students in order to prepare them to respond to the 21st-century requirements through an internationally-minded approach. We aim to reflect this philosophy in every subject and activity that we teach. Read More

More Parenting Tips from the Love and Logic Course

This week, we wrap up our list of tips inspired by the Love and Logic parenting course, led by our Concordia counselors. Through this course, we hope to equip parents with applicable skills that they can use with their kids which will create a happier climate at home as well as how they can maximize the potential of their kids, says ES Counselor Ben Fishman. Read More

Ways to Foster Independence in Young Children

Young children thrive on engaging in age-appropriate independence. Showing independence creates a realization of self in children;when they achieve success at tasks they are fully capable of doing, it builds grit and stamina for future challenges. Read More

Tips from Love and Logic Parenting Course Hosted by Concordia Counselors

We’ve all heard that parenting does not come with a manual, but that doesn’t mean mothers and fathers are on their own when it comes to improving their parenting skills. Each year Concordia hosts a parenting course designed to equip both new and seasoned parents with techniques to enhance their child-rearing repertoire. In these courses, parents explore research-based methods for building constructive relationships, managing anger and... Read More

The Father Effect: How Dad's Involvement Benefits His Child's Development

There have been some narrow views of parenting shared by many cultures throughout history. One such notion suggests that mothers should be the nurturer and primary caregiver to children, while a father’s role in a child’s upbringing should be relegated to that of security and financial provider. However, as the centuries have progressed so too have the attitudes toward parenting and the very necessary role fatherhood plays in a child’s life. Read More

Where are We Now? Helping Students Deal with Culture Shock

If you’ve ever traveled, you can probably relate to the excitement one feels when stepping off a plane into a new cultural landscape. Looking around, senses on high alert, adrenaline rising, we feel alive in the moment as we face the unknown. Some of my most unusual and beautiful experiences have come from my travels. Whether it was spending the night in a mud hut in the bush in Zimbabwe; watching the sun set as cowboys round up cattle on a... Read More

Childhood Tip: How to Leave the Park Without a Fuss

Early Childhood's Tuesday Tips is series of teacher-parent talks designed to help families and students find success in their early years at school and at home. In this article, teacher Anne Gribble shares advice with parents on how to leave the park or playground with no tears. Read More